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There are classes for all ages and skill level. See below for the general dates that the list of offered classes are available. The annoucement for new offerings are delivered via email. If you want to be added to the email list then click on "Contact Us" at the left6 side of the page.  
Registration by email
Email must include:
    1.  Your Name and your phone number
    2.  Your child's first and last name
    3.  Class Name, Class start date & time
    4.  List classes in preference order.

 For each additional child repeat 2, 3 and 4.

Payment MUST be received 5 days prior to the first day of class.
Payment is non-refundable and non-transferable.
Late payment may result in loosing your place in the class.

Summer Classes
The open class list/schedule and descriptions of classes that we will offer during the summer are available here. We will send an email reminder if you are on our email list. Click "Contact Us" below to request adding your email address to our list.
Registration starts at 6pm on May 1st and it is on first come basis. There are a limited number of spaces for each class and classes can fill quickly!!! Registration via email allows us to accept a large volume of requests at once. We process the requests in the order they are received. We will send a reply in about 3 days.
Spring Break Classes
The details for Spring Break classes are available here during the month of March. There will be a variety of classes offered and always something new. The classes offered are mainly for elementary age children. Some advance classes will be offered.



Fall Kids Classes
Classes for kids in the fall are after school and weekends. These are usually small groups, private or semi-private and by arrangement. Please contact us if you have questions.


Here's where you will find the list of classes we are offering December and January when school is out.
The list of classes is posted here the beginning of December. 

Classes for Adults
Classes for women will be offered based on the demand. If you are interested then be sure to let us know. If you want to organize a class for you and your friends that would be great. We need advance notice to schedule the classes.